Virginia Olive Oil

About us

We offer you exactly what we eat
without chemicals and preservatives!

This proposal contains the whole philosophy of our family business.

About us

Our business can only be described as a family one because the care of the processes from the cultivation of the olive trees to the standardization of the final products is done by ourselves and is the reason that allows us to ensure the excellent quality and purity of our products.

Being producers for a lifetime, our physical store was established in May 2016 in Vatopedi, Halkidiki, our place, when we decided to share the products we had been producing until then for our family's food, with people who are interested in supplying them and including them in their daily diet.

The aim of our family business is to offer Greek products of exceptional quality, directly from the Greek land and more specifically Halkidiki, which has a special tradition in olive oil, table olives and honey, with the main concern of ensuring their purity.

What characterizes our products and makes them uniquet, is the traditional and natural way of processing them, without the use of chemicals or preservatives, so as to maintain their natural taste, but mainly the beneficial elements for the consumers health.

With complete responsibility, we have abided a high level of hygiene and safety rules, in all the processes that take place and concern our company’s products.

Specialization, know-how and tradition are important elements as it takes a lot of effort in all the steps of the process we follow. Each step of the procedure, from the care of the tree in the olive grove to the production of the final products, requires the same care and love for what we do.

The secret of the uniqueness of our products is the love and passion that we show throughout the year in the care of the cultivation and harvesting of fruits as well as in their natural processing and packaging.

We offer you exactly what we have on our table and we invite you to our natural shop, to try our products and get to know each other!