Kalamata Olive
" The famous"

Our knowledge about the processing of olives with natural ways is always valuable and has come from previous generations through tradition.

In the old days when the use of chemicals for processing and preserving products was not widespread, people used simple natural methods and natural preservatives.

This traditional way of processing was passed down from the previous generation and has remained unchanged until today, giving us the opportunity to offer products that are particularly tasty and healthy.

The famous variety “Kalamata”, the well-known table olive, is famous for its crispy flesh, its excellent taste and its nutritional value.

They ripen without any added chemicals, in our facilities, so that their rich fruity taste and their unique aroma are preserved and enriched.


We recommend eating them raw.

Olives can be served with beverages, as an addition to salads, pasta or used as an ingredient in pizza.


Our olives have no preservatives or chemical additives. Brine (water and salt) is a natural preservative.

For the best preservation and storage of the olive, we pack it in the most common way the so-called vacuum.

Avoid sun exposure, strong light, heat and store in a dark, dry place with a temperature of 10-18o.

Available in vacuum and glass jars.
Vacuum (300gr, 500gr)
jar (500gr) net weight