Virgin olive oil

Authentic olive flavor, natural scents, complex aromas!

The designation “virgin” in olive oil is particularly important as it means that it is produced naturally without the use of additives or other preservatives. The olives are harvested by hand one by one in November when the olive fruit is relatively ripe and relatively black now.

This particular single-variety olive oil is produced from ripe Halkidiki olives. Our virgin olive oil is characterized by its bright golden color, the moderately intense fruity taste with a characteristic sweet aftertaste.

It is filtered only by simple precipitation and is not filtered in order to retain all its aromas, flavors and nutrients.

The beneficial properties of olive oil are many. It is a key element of the Mediterranean diet and is now considered, after extensive studies of the most basic healthy food products.

We recommend consuming it raw.

Olive oil has great stability in frying so it can be used many times without losing its beneficial ingredients.

In other cooking practices we suggest you not to put all the olive oil in the recipe from the beginning. Use a little at the beginning and add the rest to the serving to enjoy the taste and its beneficial properties.

The management process we follow
from olive harvest to bottling of olive oil
is the one that demonstrates the quality
of the final product produced.

The characteristics that compose the identity of our olive oil are:

  • Pure natural olive oil without industrial processing.
  • Bright golden color and relatively blurred appearance features that reveal high nutrient density and mild processing conditions.
  • Fruity aroma with a mild sweet taste.
  • No preservatives or impurities
  • Cold pressed
  • Natural sedimentation without artificial processes.
  • No filtering

Available in various glass bottles and tin can packages.

  • Bottles (500ml, 1lit)
  • Tin can (5lit)


Olive oil has no preservatives.

Avoid exposure to sunlight, strong light, heat and store in a dark, dry place at a temperature of 10-18 ° C.